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       " Hello" My name is Robert M. Presley. Please refer to me as Bob.I am 68 years old, and over my 35 years of experience, I have been exposed to a lot of different types of loans, and I understand the problems of Senior homeowners who are trying to understand how a Reverse Mortgage works.

I am the Senior Director of our Reverse Mortgage Program and I have been in the Mortgage business since 1967, at first when I started helping seniors with Reverse Mortgages it was very difficult to explain and to understand.

I found that we must First realise that Reverse Mortgagesare not for everyone. Let our personnel help you, we have many years experience with FHA and Conventional home loans, and we welcome the opportunity to offer information to help you understand if a Reverse Mortgage is for you.

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What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a home loan (used for any purpose) where seniors, 62 and older, can access the equity (cash) built up in their home.

There are several different reverse mortgage programs. Fannie Mae Home KeeperŪ, Jumbo Cash-Out loan, and the HUD-insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) are three such programs. As demand increases, more reverse mortgage programs from different organizations will become available.

It is called a reverse mortgage because you borrow money from a lender, but the lender makes monthly payments to you, rather than you making monthly payments to the lender. All interest is paid at the end of the loan, rather than in the beginning.

What are some of the benefits of a reverse mortgage?

As the homeowner receives monthly cash income, the loan balance increases. In the following twelve-month example, the homeowner begins with a debt-free home. As money is received by the homeowner, the mortgage grows. By the end of month twelve, the homeowner owes the bank $6,000 plus $232.44 interest. All Reverse Mortgage loans have a variable rate.


Regular monthly advances $500
Annual interest rate 7.0 %
Monthly interest rate .583% (.07 / 12)

Month Beginning Balance Interest Ending Balance Cash Disbursement
0 0 0.00 0.00 $500.00
1 $500.00 $2.92 $502.92 $500.00
2 $1,002.92 $5.85 $1,008.77 $500.00
3 $1,508.77 $8.80 $1,517.57 $500.00
4 $2,017.57 $11.77 $2,029.34 $500.00
5 $2,529.34 $14.75 $2,544.09 $500.00
6 $3,044.09 $17.76 $3,061.85 $500.00
7 $3,561.85 $20.78 $3,582.63 $500.00
8 $4,082.63 $23.82 $4,106.44 $500.00
9 $4,606.44 $26.87 $4,633.31 $500.00
10 $5,133.31 $29.94 $5,163.26 $500.00
11 $5,663.26 $33.04 $5,696.29 $500.00
12 $6,196.29 $36.15 $6,232.44 $500.00

*Many criteria are considered when determining the reverse mortgage loan amount, interest rate, etc.